Bible Study of the Week

Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Greetings in the Name of the Most glorified Trinity Father, Son and the Holy Spirit;

Beloved Summer season has almost ended. The season of Autumn has begun. Time of Vacations and fun has gone for a while it is now time of work, studding and building our future. In order for us to secure a bright future for our beloved Church, we have to work on our children today, because they are the future Church. therefore the strength of the future Church depends on the quality of our work today.

Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ i would like to invite you all clergy and lay people each in his domain to work as a strong team on raising our beloved children in the words of God and teaching of the Holy Church. since most of us are not professional instructors and are not aware of the teachings of the fathers, I am trying to write to your attention our weekly Bible studies in order to provide to you an Idea about our faith and understanding of the life giving words of God. For parents of little children and for those of you who are involved in teaching programs of the Holy church such as Friday school, Saturday school and Sunday school, I am e.mailing to you a catechism book for little children. It is written in both Assyrian and English languages. This book can be used as an extra source of information.

I also e.mailing as an attachment our regular weekly Bible study and the readings for the first Sunday of Elijah. Thanks and may God bless you all. Amen

Yours in Christ,

ܟܘܪܐܦܣܩܘܦܐ ܓܝܘܪܓܣ ܬܘܡܐ
Cor-Bishop Dr. George Toma
Saint Andrews Parish – Glenview, IL