Bent Al Rafedain Organization offers Volunteer support to Emerging civil society organization

The Executive Director of Bent Rafedain (Alyaa Al ansary),, said: “Iraqi civil society needs to skills that enable it to perform its role and these skills come through training and practice, so we’re now providing support for Emerging organizations and newly established in order to enable it to play its role correctly and provide better services to society”. Al Ansary added that ” some of the organizations asked to help in the organization of its work and clarify the administrative issues relating to the organization management, ”ended saying” and she al so meet some of these organizations in Babil and Baghdad. our organization will work to communicate with organizations that request assistance”.
The organization has implemented a training workshop for two days to members of Alwlaa Foundation that Interested in women’s affairs in Baghdad on the subject of leadership skills of negotiation and dialogue management attended by 23 members of both sexes, in addition offer a training about writing projects for Youth Foundation and graduates in Babylon. Bent Al Rafedain plans to hold a series of workshops and managerial courses and leadership skills of civil society activists.
It is worth mentioning that Bent Alrafedain offer this program as voluntary to organizations. this program contribute to development of Iraqi civil society and support it with good experience capable of maturation civil activity and develop the skills of civilians activists.