Baghdeeda students ended their sit-in after the approval by the related authorities for all their demands – Baghdeeda – Exclusive
After three consecutive days of the sit-in in the tents provided by them, Baghdeeda students ended their sit-in at 9 pm on Monday evening, 12th May 2010, after the approval by the responsible authorities for all of their demands.
  The governor of Nineveh, Atheel Al-Najeefy, had met the students and promised to open an investigation for targeting them. He also announced his support for their demands for an international investigation for the case of displacement and targeting the Christians in Mosul. He expressed solidarity with the proposal of the students regarding the transfer of their exams to Kara Kosh.
  In the same context, the compensation committee in Mosul approved through the meeting with the sit-in students on Wednesday afternoon, 12th May 2010 that will compensate the victims, including the affected families of the martyrs and injuries. Compensation will also include the buses owners for the damages of their buses.
  The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research was also involved in this event and supported the establishment of university in Baghdeeda and the transfer of the theoretical exams to the town, while the practical and applicative tests can take place at the University of Mosul and the other institutes.
  It should be mentioned that many of the students who protested during the last three days, went on hunger strike to denounce the crime that affected their colleagues, which killed 2 people and wounding 188 others. 24 of the victims transferred to hospitals in Istanbul while the others seek treatment in Erbil and Al-Hamdania hospitals.