Baghdad: The inclusion of all Christians affected by the terrorist attacks by the compensations like the rest of Iraqi people

Wednesday, 23rd of November 2011
Baghdad Governorate announced for the inclusion of all Christians affected by the terrorist attacks by compensations like the rest of Iraqi people. The compensations included a payment of 3 million and 750 thousands dinars, in addition to a pension to the injured people and families of martyrs.
A statement of the ministry announced last Sunday by the Governor Salah Abdul Razzaq during a speech at the anniversary of the incident of the Church of Our Lady of Deliverance held today at Mar Yousif Church. He said, Christian people are covered by material compensations like the rest of Iraqis, and added, we announced that during our visit the next morning after the criminal incident in the Church of Our Lady of Deliverance, at which we present all the forms of support to alleviate burden on families from the consequences of the criminal incident.
Abdul Razzaq added the governorate was not responsible for the delay of compensation payment to the victims of terrorism. He said the payment depends on the arrival of the allocations from the Ministry of Finance, and he call on the Presidency of the Christian Endowment to present the requests of their needs.
He also said, the crime of the Church of Our Lady of Deliverance added to the crimes committed by terrorist groups which included all the people of Iraq without differentiation. He added, it was not the first crime against the community, it was preceded by several attacks on churches in Baghdad and Mosul, and said this is the price of patriotism.
Abdul Razzaq pointed out; it is our duty as officials in Baghdad to protect churches, temples and all citizens of all sects, creeds and nationalities. He added churches have certain specialty in our security measures.
He also said, we have to support the Houses of God and as we supplied mosques and Hussayniat (Shiite mosques) we supplied some of the churches with the necessary requirements.