Babil Provincial Council ratified the draft law to help women of domestic violence which Submitted by Bent Al Rafedain Organization

Babil provincial council voted today 11.12.2012 on a draft law to help women of domestic violence which had submitted by Bent Al Rafedain Organization (BROB) on 04.09.2012, in order to support women’s issues and support the Iraqi family.
The (PC) vote on the proposed law was unanimously except one vote by Suhaila Abdul Redha Chairperson of the Commission of civil society organizations and a member of the Commission for Social nationals.
Voting came as a result of the efforts of Bent Al Rafedain Organization (BROB) since it spent one year in the preparation of the study on the reality of violence against women in Babylon, and writing a proposed law to help women from domestic violence, the organization mobilized public opinions to this issue and solidarity with a group of organizations, bodies and civil society activists in Babylon to pressure on the provincial council to pass this law.
The team was founded by a group of Governorate media called (media figures with you) in order to advocate for this issue.
Alyaa Al Ansari (BROB Executive Director) said about this achievement: (Today is a day of real delight, not to members of (BROB) , supporters and friends, but it’s a delight to all women in the province, because this center came from their needs, grew out of their concerns and their problems, and it will be supportive to them, and it will the cure of many types of domestic violence against them . It is worth the occasion to thank the members of the Council of the province of Babylon to standing with us and vote to the law, and that does not mean the job is done, it is the beginning of the mission.
The most difficult thing we thought is the implementation of the law, and the planning for the mechanisms of the work in the center as well as its administration).
It is worth mentioning that Bent Al Rafedain Organization is one of women’s organizations operating in Iraq since 2005 and it has several programs in the field of women’s issues and empowerment and rehabilitation in order to perform its leadership role in the community, its last program was the legal protection and within it is a center to protect women from domestic violence.