Ayat Allah Hussein Ismaeel Al-Sader honored Emanouel Deli for nominating Cardinal in Vatican

sader_delli1.gifAbdul Rahman Al-Majedi –Amesterdam (Agencies)
On the occasion of nominating Cardinal Emanouel Deli the third in the presence of Vatican last year, Ayat Allah Hussein Ismaeel Al-Sader granted the honor to the first Cardinal of the Chaldean Catholic Church in Iraq and abroad.
In a ceremony attended by an elite of Iraqi intellectuals and the absence of politicians, Al-Sader praised the national stances of the Cardinal and express blessings for peace, love and fraternity.
The occasion gathered the two great clergymen of different religions in a country like Iraq where crises motivated by political incentives.
At the end of the ceremony, Al-Sader presented the Cardinal an armor and a magnificent index finger.
It is to be mentioned that during the last four years none of the two clergymen left Iraq despite factional and ethnic violence, preserving the similar stances without any political adhesion.
Cardinal Deli praised Al-Sader stances speaking about pluralism of religions in Iraq, also called upon fraternity and national spirit to be over any interest.