AUA Meeting with Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

Sydney – 19 December 2013
On 19 December 2013, a delegation headed by Mr Hermiz Shahen, Deputy Secretary General of the Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA), Mr David M. David , President of the Assyrian Australian National Federation and Mr Paul Azzo, AUA advisor met with The Hon Scott Morrison MP, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection.

During which an official letter was presented to the Minister in which explains the tragic and dangerous situation that our people are facing in Iraq and Syria. The AUA proposed a plan of action and resolutions requesting to take the discussion further with the Australian authorities.

Mr Shahen briefed the Minister with the latest development in Iraq and Syria, the neglect of the Assyrian question and the discriminatory behaviour against Assyrians.

The AUA delegates urged the Australian government to endorse and support the Nineveh Plain Province Solution which entails the development of a self-governed Assyrian province in the Nineveh Plain under the jurisdiction of the central government of the Federal Republic of Iraq.
The Australian government to offer political support in favour of this policy in its dealings with the government of Iraq, and assistance in providing direct financial aid for security and infrastructure development in the Nineveh Plain
“We seek your immediate intervention, endorsement and support for the Assyrians to take part in the proposed second Geneva peace Conference about Syria. The interest of the Assyrians in Syria has to be represented by our Syria-based parties” said Mr Shahen.

The delegation thanked the Minister who despite his very busy schedule granted the AUA delegates the opportunity to meet with him and extended their warmest congratulations on his new appointment to the position of Minister of Immigration and Border Protection.

The delegation also thanked Mr Craig Kelly MP, Member for Hughes, for his assistance in organising the above meeting and for raising the Assyrian issue on many occasions with the Australian Federal Government, and for his outstanding efforts to support the rights of the indigenous Assyrian of Iraq..

Assyrian Universal Alliance – Australia Chapter
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