Assyrians Without Borders’ scholarships.

As known, education is one of the most essential factors to be able to do well in life. In the Middle East this is more evident than in comparison with, for example Europe, where conditions are different. This is why Assyrians Without Borders sees it natural to support the Assyrian students in their native country with financial assistance, in their quest to secure a successful future.
Once again, the time has come to apply for Assyrians Without Borders’ scholarships. The means can be applied by Assyrian university students living in Assyria (Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syria and Lebanon).
The funds cover the school term from April 10, 2012 to November 31, 2012. The application deadline is July 31, 2012. Assyrians Without Borders wishes that the information about the scholarships is spread to friends and relatives in the native country.
For further information about the scholarships, and how to apply, visit the Assyrians Without Borders website:

Thomas Aydin
Charge of Scholarships, Assyrians Without Borders
Tel: +46(0)73-9122334