Assyrians celebrate Australia Day

wc_429838_7763_news1.jpgby E Brikha 25/01/2010

Close to 500 Assyrians celebrated Australia day yesterday night at the Nineveh Lounge centre in Sydneys western suburb of Edensor Park.
The national holiday was celebrated early on Sunday with worldwide Assyrian star Sargon Gabriel who performed along with seven other local Assyrian Australian artists.

Event organiser Toma Adam gave a speech of thanks to Australia before the party was officially opened. “We are celebrating Australia Day, the country which saved and safeguarded many of us f


sign in to comment There are currently no commentsrom war, we give thanks to Australia our country and honor and respect what has now become our home” he said.
The Australian national anthem was then played, while guests stood and sung along with many holding Australian flags.

Caroline aged 17 said “As an Australian born Assyrian i think its very important we Assyrian youth respect and love our country. Australians and Assyrians share a
long time brotherhood, and because of that we can call oursleves proud Assyrian Australians”.

Amanda aged 23 said, “Australia day is a day we all should pause and thank God that we live in the best country in the world”.

Martha ages 53 said, “I have been living in Australia for over 30 years and i would not give up my country for the world. We are very lucky to be part of such a great place and society”.