Assyrians appeal to the parliament of the Republic of Armenia

‘’A call from the sons and grandsons of the martyrs of the Assyrian people’’His Excellency Hovik Abrahamyan
Chaiman of National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia
His Excellency Galust Sahakyan
Head of the Republican faction of National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia

His ExcellencyVahan Hovhannisyan
Head of the ARF “Dashnaktsutyun” faction of National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia

No land in the history of mankind has witnessed inhuman practices such as murder, destruction, cruelty and looting as Near East.

Its history is stained with the blood of the innocent victims.

Any comparison of such tragedies with the western counterpart did not rise to the level of the massacres committed against us.

Those massacres were horrible in its essence whether its length, areas covered and the number of victims which according to the all international agencies exceeded more than two millions Armenians, Assyrians, Greek and others in the beginning of the last century and exactly between the periods 1915-1919.

Those crimes were perpetrated by the then only monster, that is to say, Anatolia monster that relied on Kurds, moreover those crimes did not come from vacuum but they were the result of a blind demagogical ultranationalist policy which dominated the political arena in Turkey, with the suppression directed against human right thinking which is so far going on.

The ethnic cleaning which took place in Turkey had changed completely the demographic composition of the citizens of the republic of Turkey, besides these Practices had knowledge to lose their enriched culture.

Annually and on the 24th of April remember each of the Armenian people, and the Assyrian people alongside peace loving nations round the world the memory of the martyrs who met martyrdom and this occasion is to minimize the suffering of hundreds of Thousands of children and grandchildren of survivors of the genocide which is the first in the 20 century.

There is no doubt that indifference by the world to the mass killing of our people during the First World War led to the extermination of more than six millions Jews. Stemming from this fact and the countless number of Armenians victims and their suffering began world organizations pay attention to this tragedy.

With the same pace and with the same scheme succeeded Turkish element to eradicate other communities including Assyrians and all the churches affiliated. It was indeed a barbaric act in order to create a harmonious society free from non-Turkish element.

It is well known for people living with a legacy of civilization to not comply with the tragedies and tribulations and become captive to them. The people of Armenia and for decades, is facing the future and the death of hundreds of thousands of human victims of the genocide strongly and this did not lead to the death of the Armenian nation sister, so the nation of a new future belongs to those who embrace the issue of safe and fought and sacrificed for it, here are the sons and grandsons of the martyrs, the survivors of the racism of the Turks, the Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks who did not surrender.

The Armenian and Assyrian nationalist has a firm entity, roots throughout history, and boot peoples aspirations and dreams, that was on the level entries of individual or authorities of national, social and cultural rights, both owners of the issue and the land , and the two brotherly peoples faced the domination of Ottoman and its tyranny.

We and our fellow Armenian suffer the same plight one of them wearing Armenian and other Assyrian , Turks did not try to rape the lands and leave the Armenian ,but beyond that all the existing nationalities, and we as Assyrians in the last decade we have emphasized that the essence of our cause with our fellow Armenians will not be affected by some of the individual positions here and there were some are trying and for purposes of personal and selfish, and the parties or infiltrators from other nationalities, trying to plant the seeds of selfishness between the two brotherly peoples, the Armenian and Assyrian On the subject of the massacres did not achieve their wish without cooperation between organizations and Institutions of the two peoples in many countries of the world.

That affirm that we belong to the plight of one and that is reflected in the decision by the Armenian government to grant a piece of land in the city of Yerevan, to establish a monument to the martyrs of the Assyrian victims of massacres, genocide and it is hoped to start building in the near future in addition to the support and assistance from the government of Armenian organizations to the Assyrians in Armenia on the level of cultural, educational and media deserves all the appreciation.

No force will stand in our way no matter how long it takes to attain recognition from those who committed massacres, blood has mixed on the same land for the same reason it is the same planners and perpetrators of genocide and those still deny it to this day.

Today the Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks, after 96 years, still suffer from deprivation by the world powers. We must stand and condemn those terrible massacres committed against our peace and freedom and demand to condemn and denounce these massacres committed by the Ottoman Turkish state and that was against all the human values Armenian and Assyrian were vulnerable to the tyranny of the Turkish and the fate of one common, and were vulnerable to poverty and misery, persecution and displacement Armenian and Assyrian are seeking to return all the land seized and counties as citizens and not just a minority.

Armenian and Assyrian are seeking to gain recognition of the Turkish state, as the legitimate heir of the Ottoman Empire, and what it did right from the genocide and massacres of compensation for such damage.

There is no force in the world can stand in our way no matter how long it takes to attain recognition from those who committed massacres, on the same land for the same reason. It is the same planners and perpetrators of genocide and those still deny it to this day.

Today the Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks, after 96 years, were still suffering from deprivation by the world powers, itself with a renewed determination to recognize the just and legitimate operations of systematic murder and no matter their religious beliefs and of Ideology political, it must stand and condemn those terrible massacres committed against our peaceful, is a powerful peace and freedom demand to condemn and denounce these massacres as a crime against the human values.

The Assyrian people, owners of civilization and a history spanning thousands of years, ask the United Nations and especially the European Union to demand Turkey to accept the following points before approving Turkeys, demand as a EU member.

1. That Turkey recognizes and apologizes for the genocide against the Assyrian people.
2. That Turkey is tried in the International court in The Hague and other courts dealing with the International Rights and genocide issues.
3. That Turkey amends its constitution to include Assyrians as an indigenous minority with rights to live in their ancestral lands.
4. That Turkey amends its educational systems to give accurate and relevant information on Assyrians.
5. That Turkey compensate the Assyrian people economically and grant them the right to create a memorial site for the victims of the genocide in a place selected by the Assyrian people.
6. That Turkey returns the confiscated properties of the Assyrians.
7. That destroyed villages, towns, churches and monasteries be rebuilt and that places be renamed with their true historical names. This applies even to property confiscated prior than the war between Kurds and Turks.
8. That Turkey grants Assyrians the right to return under the supervision of the EU.
9. That the “Treaty of Lausanne” from 1923 be amended to include Assyrians as a minority and that the treaty be further amended to fulfill the Copenhagen criteria.
10. That Turkey stops the illegal usage, sale and expropriation of the Assyrian property and returns the Assyrian properties to village guardians or village chiefs, as is the case today.

In spite of the atrocities committed on the road to ethnic or religious cleaning in different parts of the world, we saw the International community and international organizations are still unable and reluctant to deter and convict the perpetrators.

This is due either to the many countries involved previously or even now in this approach, or that “the Universal Declaration in order to avoid genocide and punish the perpetrators,” issued in 1948, still contains loopholes exploited in order to be a reluctance to punish those involved in this crime or covers them up, and recognized the International Association of Genocide Scholars collective committed ,which in December 26, 2007 voted overwhelmingly to recognize the genocide suffered by the minority Assyrian population, Greek, Armenian and other Christian and religious communities in the Ottoman Empire between 1914 and 1923.

At the time we support Assyrians institutions in Armenians republic and we hail with proud your stand towards granting a piece of land to erect a martyr monument to commemorate the victims of Turkish genocide against our people.

We have to remember proudly that the government of Armenia has supported us on all levels , culture , educations, media, and that deserve all the appreciation as the history will register this gesture in golden letters.

Finally we look forward as a people and as affiliated Assyrian parties to that day that our brethren in Armenian parliament take a decision to recognize the Assyrian’s genocide parallel to the same genocide which committed against our brethren the Armenian people:

Last but not least we hope that the Greek parliament follow suit Sweden when its parliament on the 11 the March 2010 took a decisive decision to recognize the genocide committed against Armenian, Assyrian, and Greek ,through the pressure of the Assyrian organizations and for many years.

Please accept our best wishes and regards.

Following are organizations which participated in this call.

Deutscher Assyrischer Jugend-
und Kulturverein Idstein e.V
Limburgerstraße 53a
65510 Idstein
kontaktperson: Yuhannes Kucun

Vereniging van Assyriërs in België
walemstraat 137
2800 sint-katlinewafer
kontak.person Savas Alagac

Atou E.V. Assyrian youth club
Alte Heerstasse 5
35440 linden. de
kontag person sima kucun

Assyrische Verein der Schweiz
Postfach 134.
9545 Wängi Schweiz
kontag person General
Director· Iskender Bulut

Assyrian Institutet
Tomtbergavägen 16 tr. 1
145 67 Norsborg Sweden
General Director ; Yilmaz Poli

Assyrian Genocide International (Seyfo) Committee
Address: Tomtbargavägen 16, 1Tr, SE-145 01 Norsbog
Tel/Fax: 0046 (0)8 531 705 06