Assyrian TV: Assyrians Launch Global Internet Television Station

assyriatv1.jpgAssyrians Launch Global Internet Television Station –
Stockholm, Sweden (MECN) – Assyrian TV is now available at! The Assyrian Federation of Sweden, an umbrella organization representing more that 30 Assyrian organizations, has launched an internet TV channel called Assyria TV. The channel features on-demand video and viewer customizable program lists. The Assyrian Media Institute, a joint venture between the Federation and its associations, is tasked with the operation and maintenance of the web based channel.

“We look forward to Assyria-TV becoming a voice for all Assyrians in the world,” said Afram Yakoub, acting chairman of the Assyrian Federation, “and we will put in place mechanisms to guarantee Assyria-TV will be non-partisan, representing all Assyrians.”

For more information and to view their programming, please visit the Assyria-TV website at:

IMAGE: A picture of the homepage showing featured programming viewable to a global audience via the internet.