Assyrian new book

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Dear fellow Assyrians, greetings:
I am pleased to present to you my book titled “Assyrian Historical Names for Male and female” to be part of your library at home, institution and Church. Please read the “Foreword and the Introduction of the book”. It is our duties to promote and preserve our Assyrian heritage and identity. One way is to name our children Assyrian historical and native names.
I hope that you, in turn, forward this message to your contacts and friends to promote the purpose of the book in your Assyrian community, as a guide to the new generation who will become parents in the future.
Please note, the book can be downloaded for free at:
Thank you for your cooperation,
Michael Alexan Younan
Known as “Mishaeil Younan”
San Jose, California, USA

Instructions to download:
Navigate to:
– Click on books
– Click on learn more (the blue box)
– Scroll down and click on download (the green box on the left)
– Click on checkout (the green box to the left)
– Fill out personal info. (name, etc.)
– Click on free download (the blue box to the left)
– At products, click on Assyrian_historical_names (at bottom of the screen)
– Then click again on Assyrian_historical_names_pdf (at bottom of the screen)
– The download will start (for free) you can also print the book.

Enjoy and thank you,