Assyrian member of Iran Majlis: We are grateful to Armenia for speaking about Assyrian Genocide

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We are grateful to Armenia for speaking about the Assyrian Genocide, Assyrian member of Iran Majlis, Ivnatan Beyt Kolia, said, according to the Alik daily newspaper of the Iranian Armenian community.
“Here pass hundred years since the horrible Genocide perpetrated by the Ottomans against the Assyrians, Armenians and Greeks. Still, they have not only failed to comply with the righteous demands of the victims’ descendants, but also have not even said a word of apology. Today, only after hundred years, they say ‘researches are needed to find out whether that inhumane disaster was genocide or not.’ How childish!” the Assyrian MP said referring to the Armenian Genocide Centennial in his speech in the Iranian Majlis.

“Today only Armenia and the European Parliament speak about the Assyrian Genocide in 1915; and we are grateful for that,” Ivnatan Beyt Kolia added.

Robert Beglaryan and Karen Khanlaryan, MPs of Armenian origin, have also had speeches in Iran Majlis concerning the Armenian Genocide Centennial.

“We call on the government and the President Rouhani in particular to call the real facts by their name. That will make it possible to support the security in the region,” Robert Beglaryan said in his speech.


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