i-am-assyrian.JPGIraq ~ “a study was conducted by the World Health Organization to investigate the link between the steep rises in cancer and birth defects in the regions that were bombed by allied forces in the 1991 Gulf war.

“The framework included checking the levels of diseases, measuring the effects of DU and research. DU is what is left over after ordinary uranium has been enriched for use either in nuclear weapons or in reactors. It is used in shells and projectiles to enhance their armor-piercing capacity. When a depleted uranium round strikes a solid object like a tank, it bursts into a burning spray of radioactive dust. This dust can remain on site for years, and is claimed to have caused disease in both soldiers using the munitions and in the local populations affected.

In Iraq, 940,000 depleted uranium projectiles were fired during the 1991 conflict,” leaving behind astronomical number of birth defects in its already exhausted population. Among those born with birth defects are some of the most critical cases that the Assyrian Medical Society has undertaken.

Just last month, the Assyrian Medical Society concluded its heart surgery mission in Turkey, for five children who were all born with heart defects.

The Assyrian Medical Society is proudly launching poster campaign “I AM ASSYRIAN,” effective August 1, 2009, featuring Assyrian child David Giwargis, from Nohadra, (Dohuk), Iraq, who, through his image and message, will become the spokesperson for the Assyrian Medical Society on behalf of thousands of Iraqi children whose dreams have been sanctioned.

To learn more about campaign “I AM ASSYRIAN,” please visit the Assyrian Medical Society website on See poster displays everywhere.