Assyrian Medical Society Completes Cardiac Mission in Jordan

Four Iraqi Children Transported To Jordan To Receive Life Saving Heart Surgeries
Flowing into the Dead Sea, the River Jordan is undoubtedly a major source of water for Jordan and neighboring Israel, Syria and Lebanon, but it is most notably a historic site for Christ‘s baptismal by the Prophet John, signifying the beginning of Jesus Christ‘s ministry and the teachings of salvation and forgiveness, death and resurrection.

Easter came early this year for four Iraqi families whose prayers were answered when the Assyrian Medical Society recently intervened to complete a cardiac mission in Amman, Jordan.

Four Iraqi children were transported to Jordan where they were greeted by a group of volunteers from Gift of Life Amman (GOLA) and the cardiac team from United States to undergo surgeries for congenital cardiac abnormalities that otherwise threatened their little lives. From the Nineveh Plain (Northern Iraq) nine month-old Bashar Matti underwent surgery for ventricular septal defect and patent ductus arteriosus, while nine year-old Maryam Jibran was treated for ventricular septal defect. And from Basrah (Southern Iraq) four year-old Mrtadha Raad was treated for ventricular septal defect and pulmonary stenosis, and sixteen year-old Zainab Abdulsattar underwent surgery to treat a large artrial septal defect.

The surgeries were successful, and the children were reported to be doing significantly well while remaining in recuperation in Jordan before being transported back to Iraq along with their families.

Several groups came together to complete this cardiac mission. U.S. Army Major (Retired) Tom Deierlein from the Tom Deierlein (TD) Foundation in New York, Dr. Mark Turrentine and the cardiac team from the University of Indiana, Marikay Satryano from Veterans Rebuilding Iraq (VRI), Dr. Khalid Salaymeh, Dr. Fadi Khoury, and Mr. Daoud Abboud from GOLA, and Mr. Nabil Daoud from the Assyrian Medical Society, Jordan. Their generosity and commitment to serve mankind remains unparalleled.

This project is dedicated to the shrine of humanity, where in the stillness of our maker we are one being, created equally and indivisible by color, race and religion.

About Assyrian Medical Society
The Assyrian Medical Society is a humanitarian organization dedicated to serving Assyrian children, families, and their communities stricken by the war and famine in Iraq. To learn more about the Assyrian Medical Society, visit

About Gola
Gift of Life Charitable Society in Amman (GOLA) is registered as a charitable society with the Jordanian Ministry of Social Development. It facilitates critically needed open-heart surgery for underprivileged children suffering from life-threatening Congenital Heart Defects (CHD), whose families cannot otherwise obtain or afford the necessary care.

About Riley Hospital for Children
Since 1924, Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health has provided compassionate care, support and comfort to children and their families, from simple acute routine care to the most critically ill and medically complex cases.

About TD Foundation
The purpose of the TD Foundation is to help needy families and children in Iraq and Afghanistan, from arranging for medical treatment to purchasing critical daily items such as clothes, food, water, school supplies, vitamins, as well as toys, etc.

About Veterans Rebuilding Iraq
Veterans Rebuilding Iraq is a volunteer network dedicated to helping American Veterans rebuild their lives by helping Iraqi civilians rebuild their own.

Helen Talia, MBA, CPA