The twentieth century was a dark period for the Assyrian people who endured multiple genocides in various countries. Once labeled as the creators of modern civilization, the Assyrian people were hoping for a better future in the new century. Unfortunately, the new century has, thus far, offered nothing but the continuation of ethnic cleansing campaigns against the Assyrians.
In their ancestral home land – Iraq – Assyrians continue to face violence and organized
attacks against their religious and political leaders. Churches are bombed, and people are
faced with the option of converting to Islam or fleeing their homes.
Assyrians represent the greatest number of refugees since the fall of the previous regime.
Those who decide to stay behind, face unbelievable horror and constant attacks by their
Muslim neighbors, while those who decide to flee Iraq, face similar hardship in
neighboring countries including Jordan, Syria and Turkey.
The dire situation of the Assyrian refugees, has not receive the needed attention and
funding by U.S. and other Western countries, who were in part responsible for the
situation and, thus, obligated to find solutions to the refugee dilemma of the Assyrians of
In August 1933, in northern Iraq, 65 Assyrian villages were subject to barbaric attacks
which left thousands of innocent people dead.
Our goal is to educate the world community and ask for your compassion and support for
the Assyrians of Iraq. We hope for your support in organizing a global event as we near
the 75th commemoration of that bloody day.
We want to convey the message to the world that Assyrians, regardless of the religious
denomination, are united and after 2600 years, should be entitled to their human and
political rights in their ancestral home land – Iraq.

The outline of tasks, dates and times is as following:
Date 08/07/2008
1. Gaining global attention towards the plight of the Assyrian people – an
independent people facing slow but certain extinction in Middle East.
2. Expression of outrage to the silence by the world community despite the ongoing
killing of Assyrian political and religious leaders in Iraq.
3. Recognition of the Assyrian genocide during the twentieth century
1. On August 8th, Assyrians in their country of residence shall gather in front of U.N.
or other government buildings, presenting signs and flags reflecting their support
for the Assyrians of Iraq. The officials at the building/organization will be
presented with an official declaration in an attempt to gain attention to the Assyrian
cause and suffering.
2. Presentation of an official declaration to U.N. Security General and other elected
3. Presentation of an official declaration to all U.N. members and the U.N. Security
4. Presentation of an official declaration to media (newspapers, televisions, and
5. Request to media to discuss the Assyrian case on Air.
We are aware and appreciate the ongoing work by many Assyrian organizations that were
founded to advance the Assyrian cause. We further like to point out that the
commemoration of the Assyrian genocide is not linked or affiliated to any one political
group, thus, we would like to ask all Assyrian organizations and political groups for their
We are certain that the participation of all these groups will make this effort more
successful and present a united front to the world and political leaders that may help us
reach our common objective – a better future for our nation.