Assyrian group calls for sponsors

THE group behind the Assyrian genocide monument is asking the community to donate funds to build the $70,000 memorial.

Assyrian Universal Alliance Australian secretary Hermiz Shahen said the organisation could afford to build the monument, but wanted it to be a community-owned asset.

“We can do it on our own but we want every Assyrian to have a hand in what we are doing,” he said.

The Assyrian Universal Alliance has started an internet campaign to attract sponsors.

They also plan to host a fundraising night to raise money for the 4.5m monument.

Although it is advertised on the internet, Mr Shahen was reluctant for the Fairfield Advance to publish details of the event for fear of attracting protesters.

Fairfield Council’s approval of the monument has attracted criticism from the Turkish community, whose ancestors are accused of the genocide.

Mr Shahen said the group did not want to upset the Turkish community, but wanted to pay tribute to their own people.

“We are not blaming their generation,” he said.