Assyrian Graduate Slewo Oshana Achieves First Milestone

18-again-ii.JPGChicago ~ The son of Helen Talia, an Assyrian Writer and Activist, Slewo Awesha Oshana graduated from Conant High School on Sunday, June 6, 2010, after completing a four-year general education curriculum.
The graduation ceremony, taking place at the Sears Arena in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, Slewo was joined by his mother Helen Talia, grandmother Rejina Talia, aunts & uncles, and other family members ~ Anwar Talia, Janan Talia, Nahrain Talia-Khoshaba and daughters Ashouraita-Elishwa Khoshaba and Ninevehta-Nahrain Khoshaba, and Shameran Talia-Mrza and daughters Lillia-Shameran Mrza and Larsa-Helen Mrza from Arizona.
Slewo will be attending Harper Community College this fall where he will earn an Associate Degree before entering DePaul University’s School of Journalism and Political Science.
Congratulations Slewo on achieving your first milestone and good luck on all future endeavors.