Yerevan, Armenia
The Assyrian Universal Alliance – Armenia Chapter and the Association of the Assyrians of Armenia “Atour” is pleased to announce that the construction of the monument to the victims of the Assyrian Genocide of 1915 in Ottoman Turkey has begun.

On 12 November 2010 construction work began in Yerevan in a circular park near the intersection of Nalbandian and Moscowyan streets, a location selected in a decision made on 12 November 2008. Under article NO# 5261, the mayor of Yerevan granted 16 square meters of land for construction of the monument commemorating the Assyrian Genocide.

In an atmosphere of solemn excitement, an air-tight capsule containing historical information about Assyrians and the Assyrian Genocide was placed beneath the monument as the construction began.

The Association of the Assyrians of Armenia “Atour” expresses its sincere gratitude to the President and the government of the Republic of Armenia for their valuable support and relationship, not only for the Assyrian community of Armenia, but also for all national minorities of the Republic of Armenia.
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Arsen Mikhailov
Chairman, Coordinating Committee for the Construction of the Assyrian Genocide Monument
Chapter Secretary
Assyrian Universal Alliance