Assyrian Delegation have visited the Armenia

hgftyu.jpgAssyria – one of the greatest states of an antiquity, history of the Assyrian nation is some millennia. As the great power Assyria has ceased the existence in 605 BC, but this at all did not mean full disappearance of the Assyrian people which in unequal struggle has kept the national consciousness – language, tradition, culture.
Pertinently to recollect the statement of academician B. Turaeva: « Nineveh and Assyria have not disappeared from the face of the earth, as some speak …». To a similar conclusion has come also known Soviet Assyriology I. M. Dyakonov which has asserted, that «the Assyrian nation, really, has not been exterminated. In the destroyed Ashur and other cities the life proceeded…».
Assyrians, along with Armenians, have undergone to genocide from the authorities Ottoman and Kurdish feudal lords during of the First World War (1914 – 1918). Then has been killed over 750 thousand Assyrians. Survived has been scattered in the countries of the Near and Middle East, Europe, America, Australia.
The scattered in world the Assyrian people have been compelled to search for ways to reunion. National movement in the homeland and in Diaspora gradually have been amplified, began to be undertaken of the attempt of creation of the national organizations including the representatives of the Assyrian Communities of the most different countries. The forms of Assyrian organizations are replaced with others, arise all new forms of unities, however a difficult situation of Christians on the historical native land and necessity to adapt to unequal conditions of a life in diasporas of the various countries no have been allowed to achieve of necessary level of national consolidation.
Essential shift has occurred to occurrence of new information technologies: the internet and online chat has given the chance to organize the Assyrian web communities uniting representatives of the nation on the basis of the general interests scattered on all planet. In territory of the former USSR one of the first the virtual associations has arisen at the initiative of Alexey Tamrazov (Kiev) and has soon received wide popularity as skype-club. In process of growth of level of representation of the Assyrian organizations, the skype-club has been logically renamed in the Interstate Assyrian Coordination Council (IACC) who first has united activists and heads of the Assyrian organizations of some regions CIS.

Online chat has allowed Assyrians efficiently to communicate, to learn real situation of Assyrian communities of the different countries, to discuss and develop one position for basic, sharp questions.
At will of historical destiny the Assyrian communities of the USSR, being closely connected with each other, had no possibility actively to communicate with foreign Assyrian communities and consequently long time they were away from processes of formation and development of national movement. With disintegration of the Soviet state arose a question of integration of its Assyrian communities with Assyrian communities of other world. The idea of the uniting of Assyrian communities of the post-Soviet territory with the Assyrian communities the living out of it, has been connected with the feeling the unusing of the potential in Assyrian national movement which have been saved up by Assyrians of the former USSR. It is not surprising, that the question of the searching of optimum mechanisms of coordination of efforts of Assyrian communities of the former USSR and Assyrian communities of other world considered at skype-sessions of IACC as one of the important question.

Modern Assyrians where they would not live, store the memory of that terrible tragedy which has comprehended the people in the beginning of 20th century. the Assyrian Communities, in the residing countries, all more often bring up a question of restoration of the historical truth – a recognition of Genocide of Assyrians, Armenians and Greeks. On 23th April, 2010, the Federation of the Assyrian Organizations of Armenia «Khayadta» has addressed to National Assembly of Republic of Armenia with the request of to give the legal estimation of the facts of mass murders of Assyrians in Turkey and, thereby, recognize the Assyrian Genocide in territory of Ottoman Turkey in 1914-1923. Such the statement could not leave indifferent the Assyrian public of World, convinced, that Assyrians and Armenians have divided the general tragical destiny in Turkey. One of the first has responded the Assyrian Genocide International (Seyfo) Committee (AISC) (Sweden, Stockholm) and has offered to the Federation of Assyrian Organizations of Armenia «Khayadta» the active cooperation. Experience of the Assyrian Genocide International (Seyfo) Committee (AISC) represents value in the given context. The enough to recollect about its important role in a recent recognition in Parliament of Sweden the Genocide of Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks. The established cooperation have helped to set the wider coordination of actions of the Assyrian organizations. Such cooperation has shown efficiency of coordination of work of Assyrian activists of the former USSR and Assyrian activists of other countries at realization of strategic national projects. During cooperation was clear, that the newest technologies have really opened access of working off of the mechanism of consolidation, scattered in different corners of a planet of the Nation. The initiative of the President of Federation of Assyrian Organizations of Armenia «Khayadta» – Irina Gasparyan became one more testing of efficiency of the have created mechanism of consolidation. In her opinion, Assyrians of World vital to use those extremely favorable conditions which are given by the Republic of Armenia for ethnic minorities, in particular for Assyrians, for preservation and development of own Nation. It is especially important for assyrians right now to have such possibility when on the historical native land – in Mesopotamia they are exposed to severe persecutions, and take place conditions complication in all Near East that is fraught with new disasters for Christians.
Put forward by Irina Gasparyan the initiative of establishment of the “Assyrian Universal Center of Scientific Researches and Culture» in Armenia of which activity will directed on maintenance of stable development of the Assyrian people, maintenance of its ethnic identity, preservation and development of culture, religion, traditions, etc. as on the historical native land – in Mesopotamia, so and in any other place of Globe, has received strong support of Assyrian Communities of many countries. From prominent representatives of the Assyrian Communities of the different countries have been organized the Assyrian Delegation, which has visited the Republic of Armenia with working visit in the period between October, 28th both on November, 6th, 2011 and on October, 31th, successfully took place in Yerevan the constituent assembly of “Assyrian Universal Center of Scientific Researches and Culture».
Founders of “Assyrian Universal Center of Scientific Researches and Culture»:

Irina Gasparyan

Armenia, Yerevan

Member of Coordination Council on affairs of national minorities at the office of the President of Republic of Armenia, President of Federation of Assyrian organizations of Armenia «Khayadta»
Elias YaldaAustralia, Sydney 

General Secretary of Assyrian Universal Independent Activists Forum (AUIAF), Head of AshurSat, President of “International project finance” and President of “Razi  Australia and Yalda International Relations”
Pavel Saiadov, Latvia, Riga Latvian Assyrian Cultural Centre, President  STA Group
Ibrahim AframDr.Jamil Hanna Simon Poli, Sweden, Stockholm Assyrian Genocide International (Seyfo) Committee. AISC
«Assyrian Institute»,
«Assyrian Institute»,
Ph.D Iosif ZayaRussian, Moscow The Regional national-cultural autonomy of Assyrians of  Moscow , Member of Board of the Union of Diasporas of the Russian Federation, member of Council of Nationalities affairs at the Government of Moscow
Edgar Bitbunov, Georgia, Tbilisi Assyrian International Youth Association of Georgia
Gürgin Kucun,  Belgium Vereniging van Assyriërs in België

The Assyrian Delegation had  the important meetings with official persons of the Parliament of the Republic of Armenia: the Vice- President of the National Assembly of Armenia, the Head of the Armenian Delegation of Inter-parliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy, the Head of “Armenian Revolutionary Federation” Faction of the National Assembly of Armenia, also the Assyrian delegation has met the President of the Public Council of Armenia and  with others  authoritative public and politicians of the Country.