Assyrian community supports Armenia’s accession to EEU

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The Armenian National Assembly should pay more attention to the issue of Assyrian Genocide, head of the Federation of Assyrian Organizations of Armenia Irina Gasparyan told reporters on Thursday.
There has been no response regarding the bill on recognition of the Assyrian Genocide, submitted to the Armenian parliament two years ago, she said.

Ms Gasparyan said that they cooperate with ARF Dashnaktsutyun parliamentary faction and the Federation of Assyrian Organizations of Armenia is making serious efforts towards the recognition of the Assyrian Genocide.

Meanwhile, Irina Gasparyan noted progress in solution of the Assyrian community’s problems. The Assyrian language is taught in several Armenian schools, she said.

According to her, there is no discrimination against the Assyrians in Armenia. The Assyrians consider Armenia their homeland and support Armenia’s entry into the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), Ms Gasparyan concluded.