Assyrian bishop martyred in 1915 to be blessed by Catholic Church

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YEREVAN, ARMENPRESS. On August 29, the Catholic Church will beatificate the Assyrian Catholic bishop, Flavien-Michel Malke, who was killed during the Genocide of Armenians and Assyrians.‚ÄĚArmenpress‚ÄĚ reports, citing ‚ÄúNouvelles d’Arm√©nie‚ÄĚ that the ceremony will be held in Lebanon.

The edict of Pope Francis of Rome will be read by Cardinal Angelo Amato. As the Cardinal had mentioned in an interview with the Vatican radio, the pontiff of the Catholic Church wishes this edict to inspire the Christians of the Middle East who are subjected to persecution and sufferings. ‚ÄúThe grounds for this killing are the intolerance of Islam against Christians as a result of which the extermination of Armenians and massacres of Christians took place in the Ottoman Empire‚ÄĚ, Angelo Amato said.

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