Assyria Day to Be Held in Sydney

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Preparations are under way in Sydney, Australia for the upcoming celebration of Assyria day. This event will be held on July 3, 2011, 5:00 PM, at Ur Ashur, located on 1677, the Horsley Drive, Horsley Park. The Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA) designated the Assyria Day at its 27th World Congress held during 2nd – 4th December 2010 in Erbil, Iraq, and therefore requests all Assyrians throughout the world to observe this day as a symbol of our national revival day, “Return to Assyria.”
According to Mr. Hermiz Shahen, Deputy Secretary General and the Regional Secretary of the AUA in Australia & New Zealand, the organizing committee is preparing for this great event and has sent invitations to all of our organizations & parties to attend and participate in this national occasion. This event aims at sending a message regarding the rights of the Assyrians to safely return to their homeland, to affirm their rights to exist in harmony, peace & security with their neighbors by exercising the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and all other international conventions and treaties which emphasize refugee’s right of return. It also supports the demands of the Assyrians in their pursuit of an autonomous federal province or state.
The Assyria Region is crucial for the survival of the Assyrians of Iraq, and will allow for a greater local Assyrian control within the context of an integrated and sovereign Iraqi state. Such a region will allow for increased peace, stability and balance throughout the whole region.
Mr. Shahen continued that AUA has submitted a number of appeals and has entered into negotiations with various governments and international organizations on behalf of the Assyrian Nation. The objective of such efforts has been to advance the Assyrian cause internationally on both humanitarian and political fronts. AUA strives to demonstrate that Diaspora Assyrians aspire to live in peace and harmony as worthy members of their host societies. As to the Assyrian people who remain in their homeland, AUA seeks the support of democratic governments and international bodies in defending their indigenous rights and their highly cherished national identity, culture, heritage, language and religion.
Assyria Day program will include screening of a documentary film outlining the Ancient Assyria history, as well as several poems and speeches by prominent people & leaders of the political parties/organization based in Sydney. The program will also include the first conference by the Young AUA who will highlight their importance in educating the Assyrian youth to keep our traditions and history and to implement homeland-based projects such as education & training that will foster the self-esteem and self-actualization of the Assyrian people.
Mr. Shahen requests that all of our people in all the countries of exile celebrate 1st of July in order to spread awareness about the needs and demands of the Assyrians in Iraq and to promote improvements in the physical, economic, social and spiritual well-being of the Assyrians living in our homeland.
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