Assyria Day Press Release

AUA Los Angeles is proud to present the 3rd Annual Assyria Day festivities to be held on June 30th, 2013 at the Assyrian American Association of Southern California located at 5901 Cahuenga Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601.
The festivities will begin at 6:30 PM and will be focused on highlighting the accomplishments of young Assyrians who have achieved a great deal of success in their professional careers. The panelists for this event have been chosen due to their success in the fields of Engineering, Entertainment, Fashion, Finance & Business, Healthcare, and Politics and Law.
The panelists will discuss the steps required to be successful in above mentioned fields and answer questions from the audience regarding the career opportunities and the role their Assyrian heritage has played in their career development. The presenters’ background is as follows:

• Engineering – Engineers from the automotive and aerospace industries.
• Entertainment – An actor / comedian who has been on Def Comedy Jam and a number of TV shows, and a graphic artist who was an animator on the Simpsons.
• Fashion – A Fashion designer who has worked with many well-known fashion brands as a designer.
• Finance & Business – Two financial analysts who work in the entertainment industry, specifically for Network TV affiliates in Southern California.
• Healthcare – A chiropractor who has devoted his life to Assyrians, an Anesthesiologist who works for one of the best hospitals in the United States, and a Clinical Psychologist who works for the Department of Justice.
• Politics & Law – An entrepreneur who has ran for political office, an attorney who has been involved in a number of campaigns and has worked on many Assyrian projects in Los Angeles.

The event’s plan is to encourage the re-engagement of Assyrians in Los Angeles by showcasing successful Assyrians in different fields and provide mentorship opportunities for those in attendance.

Assyria Day Festivities will conclude with discussions of the AUA Americas’ Special Consultative Status at the United Nations as well as the presentation of the Distinguished Assyrian of Los Angeles Award given annually to a member of the Assyrian community who has been very successful in his/her personal endeavors while maintaining an active role in the Assyrian community in Southern California.