Assault on the priest Faris Yako by one of the Peshmerga in Telleskuf and officials promise to deal with the offender – Telleskuf – Exclusive
According to a reliable source from the town of Telleskuf to the site of, the priest of Mar Georgics church, Father Faris Yako, was assaulted by one from the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party.
  The source said, that Father Yako exposed on Thursday, the 15th of April 2010 as he was passing in front of the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, to beating by one of the Peshmerga staff. The source added, while Father Yako was passing in front of the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, located next to the staff club in the town, he noticed one of the Peshmerga throwing a glass into the club garden. So, Father Yako asked him not to do such thing to maintain the cleanliness of the newly built club. At the same time, another component of the Guards staff at the headquarters started hitting Father Yako directly without even speaking to him.
  The source said, after the assault, exactly on Friday the 16th of April, a meeting held at Mar Georgics church in Telleskuf and attended by Archbishop Mar Mikhael Makdisi, Father Faris, Father Stephen, representative of parties and crowd of people from Telleskuf.
  The Bishop first talked about the incident asking everyone to calm down and to let the law take its course against the person who carried the act. He demanded from the people of the region to solve the problem by understanding and love. Finally, he thanked the attendance for their support and standing with Father Faris Yako.
  After that, the attendance allowed to express their views, where the emotions clear on the speakers. They demanded accountability for the perpetrator and the formation of a committee from few personalities of the town to provide their demands. The representative of the Kurdistan Democratic Party said, I am the representative of the party here, I offer my apology in the name of the leadership about what happened to Father Faris and to the people of Telleskuf and promise to deal with the offender. Then, they agreed that the committee meets to study the demands of the village people.
  In the meantime, a group of young people held a peaceful demonstration in front of the party headquarters demanding an apology for what happened. Then one of the officers from the headquarters said to the protesters: I apologize to Father Faris and to the people of Telleskuf about the incident. In the same context, a second meeting held in the church by the Bishop, the priest and some personalities from the village to study their demands and to discuss them at another time.