Artuklu University to host international symposium on Syriac culture

An international symposium on Syriac culture will take place at Mardin’s Artuklu University in April.
Artuklu University Rector Serdar Bedii Omay said on Thursday that the symposium, which is set to take place April 20-22, is the most comprehensive academic conference on Syriac culture in Turkey, with the attendance of roughly 80 researchers from many countries, including the US, the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Norway, Iran, India, China and Japan.

During the symposium, organized by the Institute of Living Languages at Artuklu University, the speakers will focus on the Syriac culture’s interaction with other world cultures. “The Syriac community, which contributes to worldly dissemination of scientific, philosophical and artistic values, is of importance to Anatolia and Mesopotamia. Focusing on its interaction with other cultures and beliefs will also help these cultures to be seen in a different light,” Omay stated.

Artuklu University is the second university in the world to offer Syriac language courses. The first one was England’s Oxford University, which offers Syriac language courses in its department of Eastern Christianity at the Faculty of Oriental Studies.