Artistic exhibition of the plastic artist Seba Samir Sabri

dsc00109111.jpgThe artistic exhibition of the plastic artist Seba Samir Sabri was inaugurated on 17/5/2008 in the Chaldean cultural society in Ankawa.
The attendance were Tamer Abdullah lieutenant governor of Erbil ,Polaus Shamoon head of Chaldean cultural society, clergyman Rafael Benjamin, Fahmi Metti Solaka head of Ankawa district , Sami Shoresh former culture minister, Dr. Sadi Al-Maleh general director of the general directorate of Syrian culture and art, representatives of political parties ,organizations of civil society and numbers of intellectuals , artists of Chaldean ,Syrian and Assyrians.

Media channels participated in covering the exhibition as Kurdistan, Ishtar, Baghdadiya and Sumariya satellite channels.

It is to be mentioned that this is the third exhibition of the artist.