April 24 also Day of Assyrian, Greek Genocide On April 24

, 1915 the Ottoman Turkish government perpetrated genocide not only against the Armenian people but also against Assyrians and Greeks, leader of the Ayasa youth NGO Suren Mkrtchyan told an Aysor.am correspondent in Tsitsernakaberd on April 24.

The Ayasa NGO brings together young people belonging to 11 national minorities living in Armenia.

“Today is a tragic day not only for Armenians but also for Assyrians and Greeks who make part of national minorities living in Armenia,” Mkrtchyan noted.

According to him, out of 11 national minorities represented in the Ayasa NGO, 9 have their states where they initiate actions among the youth informing them about the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek Genocide. They make efforts towards international recognition of the Armenian Genocide.