Another part of new series of targeting Christians..Threats to women workers in the textile factory in Mosul – Mosul – Exclusive
Not over the repercussions of the heinous crime that targeted Baghdeeda University students, another new series of targeting other segment of Christians started. This time, the women workers at the textile factory in Mosul received death threats if they continued coming to work in Mosul.
  The sources of reported to the site in Mosul that 30 women workers from the towns of Kara Kosh, Bartella and Karamlace asked for unlimited leave from work after receiving death threats if they return back to work in Mosul.
  The sources did not disclose the group responsible for making this threat.
 The textile factory is located in Al-Mansur district in Mosul. The area had seen earlier many terrorist attacks resulted in the loss of many people.
  The production line of this factory is not functioning at present time and they are hopping for the construction of a similar plant in Bartella which will begin production early next year.