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We need your support to stop the Kurdish aggression in the occupied Assyrian homeland
The Assyrian Council of Australia is calling on all Assyrians and supporters to join a rally that is scheduled to take place in Sydney. We are gathering to condemn in the strongest terms possible the barbaric acts of terror by the Kurdish Regional government in Northern Iraq against the indigenous Assyrians. The Kurds under the watchful eye of their regional government are systematically and unlawfully forcing Assyrians from their villages and homes and declaring Assyrian lands their own. The same terror campaigns are repeated in the occupied Assyrian lands in Al-Hassaka province in North East Syria. These land-grabs are achieved by acts of terrorism and violence. The result is serious for the Assyrians. Firstly, they are deprived of their livelihood. Secondly, they are driven out of their ancestral lands. Thirdly, they undermine the Assyrian entitlement to land-reclaim and inflate the Kurdish claims. Fourthly, they expose innocent civilians to imminent attacks, placing their lives in danger.

The rally aims to:

1. Show solidarity with all persecuted Assyrian Christians in Iraq.

2. Raise awareness among the Australian community about the plight of the indigenous Assyrians and protest the terror threats made against them.

3. Send a message to the Kurdish authorities to stop all acts of terrorism in the occupied Assyrian lands.

4. Support the plight of the indigenous Assyrians of Iraq for a self-governing safe haven on their historical Assyrian lands in the north Iraq.

5. Bring these crimes to the attention of Australia’s Federal and State politicians.

Details: Assembly at 11:00am sharp on 7th May 2016
At Martin Place, Sydney
Procession at 12:30pm

We are looking forward to your confident support. Contact persons: Mr Hermiz Shahen,
Mobile: 0407 235349,Email: