An Urgent Appeal And Statement From The Syrian National Council

Since early this morning, the neighborhood of Baba Amr (Homs) has been under a tight siege and the threat of military invasion by an estimated 4,000 soldiers. This is in addition to the nonstop bombing of Homs that has been going on for days.

Today, we face a real threat of genocide and crimes against humanity in Homs, whose residents are calling for help and warning of the imminent danger they face if the Arab League does not immediately send its observers there.

Therefore, the Syrian National Council demands that the Arab League observers go to Homs immediately, specifically to the besieged neighborhoods, to fulfill their stated mission. In addition, we demand that the observers go to all the hot spots in Syria, or withdraw and conclude their mission if it is not possible for them to do so.

We hold the Arab League and the International Community accountable for the massacres and bloodshed committed by the regime in Syria. The last massacre was committed in Idlib, where hundreds of lives were lost before the entire world, on the eve of the arrival of the Arab League observers. The massacre was followed the next day by the terrorist bombings in Kafarsooseh, for which we have no doubt the regime is responsible.

For more information or commentary, please contact Ausama Monajed, member of the Syrian National Council. Email: