Assyrians the Indigenous of Iraq
Your constant threats against wrong targets is showing your weakness in knowledge of the truth of History. Try to educate yourselves with history and try to know who is who in
Iraq. Christian Assyrian Churches are not enemies of Islam. Therefore, you are targeting the wrong places. Christians of Iraq are not of Arab ethnic background or of Kurdish
Background. Christians of Iraq are from Assyrians ethnic background. Your attacks are not aimed at Christianity, you are attacking the Assyrians the Indigenous people of Iraq.

1- Christians of Iraq are Assyrians , They are Not Coptic or French or Americans.
2- Christians Assyrians are the indigenous of Iraq and were not part of inviting foreign occupiers ( Americans & others in 2003 ) to invade Iraq.
3- Those who invited occupiers to invade Iraq were Iraqi Arab Muslims and Kurd Muslims and in since 2003 they are ruling over Iraq.
4- Christian Assyrian Churches never accepted or encourage Muslims to convert to Christianity and never invited Muslims to convert to Christianity, its disallowed .
5- Christian Assyrian Churches consist of various denominations : Assyrian Church of the East new and Old Calendar known as Nestorian Church, Chaldean Assyrian Roman Catholic
Syrian Catholic Church, Syrian Orthodox and Catholic Churches, protestant Church, Presbyterian Church. all these Christian Assyrian Churches do not evangelize Muslims and will
never accept Muslims to convert to Christianity. Most of these Assyrian Churches are apostolic Churches and they do hold great respect and high regard for Islam .all are Iraqi.
6- there is also the Armenian Orthodox and Catholic Armenian Churches . also they are not involved in converting Muslims to Christianity.
7- Christian Assyrian Churches of the East have no any influence whatsoever over the Coptic Orthodox and Catholic Churches in Egypt. Copts are Indigenous of Egypt ( Egyptians ).
8-Those that do evangelize Muslims and encourage Muslims to convert to their type of Christian Church, mostly are run by Jews from USA & UK who entered Iraq after 2003 and
Kurdish areas since 1971. These Churches are not Iraqi Churches and they are not Apostolic either. These evangelist Churches are the only one preaching and Evangelizing Muslims
encouraging Muslims to convert to Christianity. These new Western Churches are conducting their services very freely in Iraq and are the only one which have full protection from
the U.S. Security and Iraq & Kurd Security forces. And since 2003 no one attacked such Churches.
9- Christian Assyrian Churches are Eastern Churches and cannot make decisions on behalf of other foreign Churches in Egypt or Europe
10- Try to build a bridge with these Assyrian Churches in Iraq and ask and you will find out that they are not involved in converting Muslims to Christianity . Christian Assyrians of Iraq
were denied all of their rightful rights in the new kurdo-Islamic Federal state of Iraq and are in peace with all in Iraq living without having militia of their own.

Therefore, we demand that all attacks against Christian Assyrian Churches and innocent Iraqis to stop.

It appears that your headquarter is based in Mosul, Arbil or Sulymania in the Kurdish area. possibly you are not Arabs either, if you were, then you would have been able to distinguish
between Iraqi Assyrian Churches and the other Churches that are practicing and evangelizing Muslims backed by the Occupiers , Iraqi & Kurdish Authorities since 2003.

ARE YOU AT WAR WITH ASSYRIAN NATION & THE ARMENIAN NATION IN IRAQ? Diaspora Assyrians & Armenians from allover the world demand an answer from you ( ISI ), and whoever is making constant threats against Christian Assyrians & Armenians in Iraq.

Blessed the peace makers

AUIAF’s Security1 Command Arm

Wednesday, 22 December, 2010