“American Mesopotamian Organization Calls For The Establishment of the Nicaea Coalition”

Los Angeles, March 9, 2014 – American Mesopotamian Organization joined ranks with Armenian and Greek Americans to deliver a stern message to Turkey’s Consulate in Los Angeles earlier today, calling for the end of the genocide on Syria and the submission of Christianity to Islamist Jihadists.

The event, which lasted one hour, was supported by a crowd from all three communities, covered by the Armenian media, and cheered on by the Armenian “Harley Davidson” Brigade.

Speakers at the event were: Mr. Alex Aliferis, Ms. Vanoush, Khatchaturyan, Mr. David William Lazar, Mr. Haroot Roonizian, Mr. Paul Hannosh, Mr. Appo Jabarian and Mr. Bedros Hajian.

Here’s Mr. David William Lazar’s, Chairman, American Mesopotamian Organization speech at today’s protest?

Note: The First Council of Nicaea was convened by Emperor Constantine the Great in 325A.D.

“Fellow Americans of Eastern Christian churches of Armenian, Greek and Assyrian heritage.
Fellow descendants of survivors of the Genocide by Ottoman Turks and their Kurdish allies against our three nations, I salute you for being here today.

For the past three years the world has been witnessing the destruction of Syria at the hands of US allies; Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar with complete disregard for human life. From the early days of the civil war, Wahhabi money was flowing into Syria in support of the Islamist terrorists while the Turkish government openly extended logistical support to the rebels and facilitated the inflow of thousands of foreign jihadists from all over the world into the country.

Turkey and the gulf Wahhabis tried to portray to the world that the so called uprising has popular support in Syria and that the rebels are secular freedom fighters striving for democracy and Human rights in a country ruled by a ruthless dictator. They accused the regime of using Chemical weapons when in fact it was the terrorists who used them, according to reliable sources from investigative reporters to UN weapons inspectors as well as several members of Congress. The US and its allies then put together conferences, Geneva I and then Geneva II and perhaps a Geneva III soon.

But you already know all this so why am I wasting your time you ask? What ideas do I have to offer so we can work together as American citizens to help elevate the pain and suffering of our Christian brethren in Syria and the rest of the Middle East? I will get to that shortly.

But first I want to share these thoughts with you.

As an Assyrian Christian I believe that May 29th 1453 when Constantinople fell to the Ottoman hordes was a dark day in the lives of the Christians of the region and their descendants for centuries to come. If the Ottoman Turks were defeated at that time, the Middle East area, the caucuses, North Africa and Eastern Europe would not have fallen into centuries of oppression, cruelty, corruption, mass deportations and Genocide. Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians and other ethno-religious minorities would have flourished and perhaps numbered in the millions with their own countries and governments on lands now divided between Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria majority of which are claimed by Kurds to be “Greater Kurdistan”. I would like to point out here that Kurds were always allied with the Ottomans and had been the main benefactors of Ottoman Turks’ murderous policies of ethnic destruction of Christian nations in the region.

As an Assyrian Christian I also believe that a unified Independent Armenia with Western Armenia included within its borders in the second decade of the 20th Century would have been a beacon of light for the indigenous Christians of neighboring lands of what is today Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. I further believe that Assyrians would have been able to establish a government of their own on their ancestral lands with help from Armenia and the Armenian people who we share with centuries of fraternal relations and peaceful coexistence.

So you ask: how is this related to our situation today. What can we learn from it? And what steps should we take?

The Islamists rulers of Turkey have grandiose dreams of assuming the leadership of the Islamic world by re-establishing the Caliphate, a vision that is shared with Al-Qaeda and other Salafists and Jihadist thugs. The enemy is the same, it’s Turkey and it has western allies supporting its anti-Christian policies just like the West supported Turkey in the Caucuses in the 19th century and early 20th century.

Turkey’s policies have not changed since the days of the Ottoman’s. The Ottoman Empire and its successor the Turkish Republic lost the war, yet they were never punished for the Genocide they had committed. Turkey continues to act like a rogue state until this day.

In the early 1970 Turkey threatened to go to war against Greece over Islands belonging to Greece and its jet fighters invaded Greek airspace to provoke Greece into a military confrontation. In 1974 its military occupied a large portion of the Island of Cyprus and established a puppet Turkish State and it continues to occupy that part of Cyprus until this day. Where is the International community why wasn’t Turkey punished? Turkey has supported Azerbaijan in its conflict with Armenia and has openly declared that the Artsakh region must be returned to Azerbaijan.

Turkey is meddling in Iraq’s internal affairs by assisting the Kurdish Regional Government to illegally export oil to and through Turkey and allowing the KRG to deposit the revenue into Turkish State owned banks. It does all this for the Kurds of Iraq while oppressing its own Kurds. Bully politics to destabilize Iraq and its economy because Turkey sees the Iraqi regime as an extension of the Iranian Shiite government. A narrow sectarian vision from a country that wants to be admitted to a secular and modern European Union yet behaves in a manner reminiscent of 17th or 18th century nation lead by an intolerant and bigoted religious oligarchy.

We have so far established that the enemy remains the same and its policies continue to be the same and we have also established that what has tragically happened to one of us has affected all of us, so my question to you is: why do we continue to be divided?

We, at the American Mesopotamian Organization believe that American citizens of Armenian, Greek Assyrian descent along with other Christians of the Middle East, must come together and form a constituent based coalition to influence US policies in the Middle East. American Jews have done it; Muslims have it; why can’t we do it?

A coalition that has the support of the American people with hundreds of members of Congress belonging to it can help our brethren in the Middle East who get little financial support from our individual communities, nothing from Western governments and plenty of prayers from Western Church leaders.

We believe we can change all that if we unite and coordinate our efforts for the betterment of all of us. We have been massacred and expelled from our ancestral homelands by Turks and Kurds because of our Christian faith. Our enemies didn’t divide us; they treated us equally by massacring all of us. During the Genocide, the murdering Turks had a saying they often used and it goes something like this: “an onion is an onion regardless if its white or green, all must be chopped.”

We know the establishment of a Christian coalition will not be an easy task and that it will require a lot of work and convincing of many individuals and organizations across numerous and diverse communities but we are confident it can be done.

On this day, March 9th, 2014, American Mesopotamian Organization is calling for the establishment of the “Nicaean Coalition” and we ask you our brothers and sisters in Christ; Armenians, Greeks, Copts, Syrians, Lebanese, Palestinians and Jordanians to join us.

God Bless you all and God bless the United States of America.”