Al Maliki vows to protect Iraq Christians

20693-nouri_al-maliki_31-12-071.jpgThursday, July 31, 2008 09:27 GMT

While receiving Cardinal Emmanuel III Delly, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki affirmed Iraqi Government’s keenness to protect Iraqi Christians and provide them with all services to make them feel secure and stable in their country. For his part, the Cardinal praised efforts deployed by the government. Al Maliki met as well with Australian Ambassador to Iraq whose mission has ended in the country. During the meeting, Al Maliki announced that the political process is witnessing consensus between all parties adding that progress has been made in Parliament’s work on legislating major laws and voting on them.
For his part, the Australian Ambassador reiterated his country’s support to the Iraqi Government in executing economic and construction projects. He affirmed as well that Australia looks forward for Al Maliki’s visit to the country after the Australian Government handed him an official invitation