AKAD – ANKAWA wins Iraqi Kurdistan championship for badminton

Kurdistan Federation for badminton organized the championship for Kurdistan clubs for the period 17/4/2008-19/4/2008 ,with the participation of eight teams from the territory (Akad Ankawa, Beshmerga Sulaymania, Shaqlawa, Ararat, Akra, Shekhan, North Gas –Kirkuk and Beshkooni)
The player Fan Shawki born in 1985 scored the first position said “ I started in 2005 participated in Kurdistan championship for badminton, interested to score the first position ,then participated in Erbil championship -2007 scoring the second position ,also participated the championship of Iraqi Universities scoring the first position .I would like to play with my favorite trainer Manhal Nabil “.
The player added that badminton is in its first stages of development in Kurdistan, hoping for more interest and more championships during a year.