Ahmadinejad: No Power can Impede Iran’s Progress

a06165011.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says no power or threat can prevent the Iranian nation from making progress in different areas.

“The Iranian nation has not exposed all its capabilities as yet and what we see now is only part of it,” bereaved families of religious minorities’ martyrs. 

He said all the world nations get happy over Iranian nation’s progress, an outstanding instance of which being the Omid (Hope) Satellite recently launched into the space.

“Today Iran is attaining the peaks of success one after another, as a result of the consensus of the Iranian nation,” Ahmadinejad stated.

Speaking on Iran-US relations, he said that although the US government has a hostile attitude towards Iran, the way the American people view Iran is completely different.

He added that all the freedom-loving nations consider any move taken in line with monotheism, justice, friendship and peace as their own and get happy with such moves.

Meanwhile, Assyrian and Chaldean MP at Parliament Yunaten Bet Kelia had told the audience prior to the president’s speech, “I announce to the world that Iran is among rare countries on Earth wherein different tribes and followers of different religions lead peaceful co-existence and live in friendship and peace.”

He said that if international organizations and the governments claiming to be advocates of human rights take an unbiased look at the peaceful co-existence in Iran, and take it as a pattern we would no longer witness any tyranny, injustice and violation of human rights in the world.

Underlining unity among followers of monotheistic religions, the Jews MP at the Parliament said irrespective of superficial differences, followers of different monotheistic religions should try to lead the country towards progress and prosperity using common values.