ADM meets with Minister Mr Scott Morison

Assyrian Democratic Movement meets with Mr Scott Morrison Australian Federal MP, Minister for Immigration and Citizenship in the shadow government .

On 14 June 2013 a delegation of the Assyrian Democratic Movement met with Mr Scott Morrison-Federal Shadow Minister for Immigration and Citizenship.

The ADM delegation included Mr Zaya Zaya, ADM Sydney Director and Mr Immanuel Sada, former ADM Branch Director.

The meeting was organised by Mr Andrew Rohan MP, state member of Parliament and Chairman- Parliamentary Friends of Assyria and also included Mr Zaya Toma, Fairfield City Councillor, Mr Yousep Yousep, representative of Bet Nahrain Democratic Party and journalist Mr Ghazi Michael.

The meeting was held to discuss the latest developments in Iraq and, in particular, the plight of the Assyrian Chaldean Syriac communities in Iraq and Syria. Also discussed was the establishment of a safe and secure region for these ethnic minorities in the Nineveh Plains.

Iraqi parliamentarians have called for the creation of the administrative region in the Nineveh Plains citing Article 125 of the Iraqi Constitution.

Our communities continue to suffer from terrorism, neglect, marginalisation, exclusion and lack of employment opportunities. Settlement in this region will greatly benefit displaced members of our community, and other ethinc minorities such as Turkmen and Yazidis and see an end to the suffering and violence.

In conclusion of the meeting the delegation acknowledged the Australian Governments support of the christian and ethnic minorities in Iraq and Syria and stressed the importance of implementing Article 125 and the Nineveh Plains Project.