Action in Times in Community Crisis

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The last few weeks’ events regarding the deportation of Iraqi Christians and others, and our reaction and action, by who’s who in church leaders, bishops, priests, political leaders, community leaders, etc., has shown how vulnerable is in the political, law enforcement, media, and American public at large, with positive and negative reactions from American citizens.

Since the creation of the American Middle East Christians Congress, and as lately as a few months ago, I have contacted the bishops, clergy, and community leaders from all over the Middle East to come together and create an umbrella of religious, community, political, and professional organizations to be proactive and not reactive, including hiring professional public relations personnel in order to propagate our causes proactively and not reactively.

We must learn from this event and hopefully act in new events if they occur. I have done all I can by personal meetings and e-mails to contact all of you. Hopefully we can put our personal pride and prejudice and interfaith rivalry aside to move forward as one community on par with the Muslim and Jewish communities, as Jesus Christ’s disciples did when they put their differences aside and elected Peter as a spokesperson and leader. Doing this does not mean that you do not take care of your agenda and programs, but we must look at the bigger issues while we are Americans first in order to protect our civic, civil, and community rights. We should not blame the administration, as we knew this was coming. But our job first is to protect our people and use all our resources to be an effective and protective American community.

I am looking forward to your comments and advice, as I feel very saddened and bewildered during this time.

May the Lord comfort and assist those families affected, and may His grace be upon our community in America and the Middle East.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Ramsay F. Dass, MD
President, American Middle East Christians Congress (AMECC)
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