Accusations of guiding military voters to vote for candidates of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in an attempt to rob the Christian quota – Erbil – Exclusive
A report said on Tuesday that violations in the process of the special voting in the city of Erbil occurred. This took place through the distribution of leaflets, propaganda and urging the voters of the armed forces to vote for candidates of a particular entity participating in the quota of the minorities to ensure that this entity will get a certain percentage of the votes.
The private Kurdish channel NRT reported that violations took place near the election centre of the environmental protection forces in the city Erbil, without specifying the name of the entity clearly.
In the same context, one of the leaders of the Assyrian Democratic Movement (Zowaa) in Erbil confirmed to site and said, such violations was actually occurred in the special election on Monday. He mentioned that visit cards were distributed for the candidate number 1 in the List Shlama that related to Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and another candidate in the same List of the Council of Erbil province. Militants were directed and urged to vote for them.
The leader from Zowaa added that those taking advantage of the existence of a legal loophole and the possibility for others to vote to Christian quota. He considered such way of voting is a new attempt to usurp the will of our Chaldean Assyrian Syriac and theft of the quota seats allocated to Christian people by influential parties. Then he said “We demand the Kurdistan Democratic Party to stop such act as we believe that all parties are the real partnership in this country, in general and in Kurdistan Region in particular.
Samir Jackmen is the candidate number 1 in Shlama List which he was previously responsible for the branch of Kurdistan Democratic Party in the town of Ankawa.
Such violations occurred in the last parliamentary elections in Kurdistan last year were the military forces voters directed to vote for the single candidate Waheada Yako from the List of People’s Assembly. So, she was able to win and got a seat in the parliament.
There is an atmosphere of worries among the candidates within the Christian quota. They fear from the occurrence of such violations in other regions as well, particularly as there are other Lists related to the major Iraqi parties compete within the quota.

There are 9 Lists of 85 candidate for the Christian quota Competing on the five seats and distributed to the provinces of Baghdad, Nineveh, Dohuk, Erbil and Kirkuk, with one representative each.
The special election was held, yesterday, Monday, in the whole of Iraq and included military, security forces, and the police. In general, the number of Christian voters was very low.

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