abro, the first Syriac newspaper published in Turkey

untitled-1.jpgÄ°STANBUL (DÄ°HA) – For the very first time in the Turkish Republic’s history a newspaper with a Syriac name has started to be published. The publication’s name is Sabro and will come out with the slogans of “We want our identity” and “We exist too.”

The new newspaper that will add to the existing magazines in Europe, RenyoHiro and Qenneshrin as well as the Swedish television channel Suroyo TV aims to “change the situation of invisibility, which the Syriac community has been suffering from,” according to Sabro’s director, Tuma Çelik who said “just like all other people the Syriacs just want to live, no less”.

According to Çelik, both the 90 years of repressive politics, which have obliged the Syriac community to migrate, and the assimilation have prompted the gradual disappearance of the Syriacs. Because of this, “Sabro is working to express the feelings inside the Syriac community as well as to inform the Syriacs, who live abroad about the Syriacs’ social matters and the problems” Çelik added.

The newspaper, which is prepared by 5 volunteers, will be published once a month although its forward aim is to come out one time a week. Besides, the newspaper will work through a payment system being delivered home by home.