Abp. Sako in wake of gun attack: We are not afraid

1_0_5538171.JPGA lunchtime gun attack on the Chaldean Archbishop’s residence in Kirkuk, Northern Iraq has left two people dead and five wounded. Archbishop Louis Sako and his staff are safe. Police say the terrorists were from Baghdad. Two have been killed and one arrested. Officials say their target was a Turkmen member of parliament whose home is near the Archbishop’s residence, further underscoring rising Sunni-Shia tensions in the nation. Amadeo Lomonaco spoke to Archbishop Sako:

“A car passed with three people inside, the driver and two passengers. In front of the archbishop’s residence, there were gunshots. The guards responded. A woman also lives in the area, she’s a member of the Iraqi parliament. Her bodyguard also responded to the fire. Two people were killed, while the other was arrested. There was also a police car and three or four policemen were injured. These two criminals were from Baghdad, and I think their goal was not the archdiocese. We do not know for sure, but I believe the had the wrong target”.

Q. – This fact unfortunately proves, once again, how serious and tragic the situation is in Iraq …

“ The archbishop’s residence is located on a main road where, among other things, there are many policemen and soldiers. These people came from Baghdad and, therefore, were not sure where to go. They found themselves facing our security guards and fired, without knowing who they were shooting at. It ‘also true that the situation is a bit’ tense, and there is no order or control in the country. We, however, were not afraid, at least not immediately. At the time I was on my way back from a visit to a parish. I immediately ran to the scene of the shooting to comfort and encourage the guards and other people present. We are not afraid. Today, the Eucharistic celebration in the afternoon will be a Mass of thanksgiving