Abolition of Metn Elections Possible

89654.jpgIt seems that the story of election results in northern Metn has plenty of unfinished chapters still to be written.
The daily Ad Diyar on Tuesday said it seemed that “torpedoing” elections in the Metn constituency is very likely after post-election contestation complaints filed by both MP Michel Murr and his rival Gen. Michel Aoun, leader of the Free Patriotic Movement.

What sparked the tension was an audio tape broadcast on Aoun’s OTV said to be from Murr in which he threatened Syriac Orthodox priest Elias al-Akari by making use of his son’s position as defense minister.

Ad Diyar said Akari has left Lebanon. It said some reports have confirmed that he fled to Syria to avoid interrogation.

Murr had filed a lawsuit with the Prosecutor’s General Office against OTV, accusing it of forgery, usage of forged documentation as well as instigating hatred. He accompanied his complaint with evidence as well as two tapes.

The Archbishopric of Mount Lebanon for the Syriac Orthodox Church has also filed a lawsuit against father Akari, accusing him of embezzlement and stealing of money as well as of fabrication, forgery and bribery.

Aoun had earlier exchanged accusations with Murr over election funding.