Abduction of Priest in Syria by Al-Nusra Front Denounced

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Imagen activaDamascus, Jul 9 (Prensa Latina) Religious and social organizations today continue denouncing the missing of Franciscan priest of Iraqi origin Dhiya Aziz, priest of Yacubieh, in Idleb province, alledgally abducted by terrorist groups in Syria.
Holly Land Custody organization, which is part of the Minor Brothers Order (Franciscan) made a communique that circulates in the social networks calling to find the place where is hold and obtain his prompt release.

According to the communique, no contact has been made with catholic priest since July 4, who was giving his religious service in Yirs al-Shougur zone, occupied by armed extremists since last March.

The text added that various nonidentified anti-government rebels, believed to be membes of al-Nusra Front, took the priest to an unknown place, with an interview with the emir of the place.

For his part, the archbishop of the Greek-Orthodox church of Sebastia, Atallah Hanna, told local reporters that the abduction of father Aziz adds to a series of crimes committed against Christians in Syria and Iraq.

He also dennounced the destruction of churches, and the deportation of Christians in territories occupied by the Islamic Jidahists in Syria and Iraq.

Despite persistent denunciations, Christian bishops Pedro Yazigi and Juan Ibrahim, leaders of the Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Church, and Syrian Orthodox Metropolitan Church, both in Allepo province, continue kidnapped since April 2013.

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