A Prayer for Assyria

O God almighty, I search for the right words to pray
For my once victorious nation and people, these words I say
Have pity on my Assyrian people; let us return to our ancestral lands
Send us back home to Atour, Ninveh, and the great city of Ashor and out of these foreign hands.
O Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on my people, for we have been blind
Save us from the tyrant for you are mighty God, King of all Kings, ruler of human kind.
Let us reunite as one, one great Christian Assyrian nation
We shall forever have faith in you, a father through trials and tribulations.
I pray that you give us strength and guide us as we fight for independence and an Assyrian state
With your blessings father we will fight until our last breath and take down the tyrants hate.

Before our Christian brothers eyes the world have witnessed and seen
The massacres, the madness of despair, the tortures of my people, the anguish, the pain, the slaughter of man, women and children, O Lord intervene.

Where is my great eagle of Atour? For you have been long asleep.
Wake! O nishrit Atour wake! To the sound of your nations weep!
We have suffered massively for many of centuries and long yearned the great return of our
beautiful Ninveh plains, the divine breath-taking scene.

Please answer my prayer o father, for my people and nations sake
In Jesus’ name, AMEN.

Written by Ashor Dinka Gorges