A new phase for Seyfo recognition

houseofcommonassyriangenocide1.jpgA lot of activities concerning Seyfo have been organized last couple of years. With Seyfo Centre as the driving power many lectures were given in Assyrian associations and churches. Furthermore there have been breaking through meetings with relevant persons and institutions.

Until now Seyfo have been discussed in the EU parliament as well in the Swedish and English parliaments. Besides that a new documentary and books have been brought out.

Sabri Atman will continue his activities by visiting a numerous countries this year. H e will give lectures in t he United States, Canada, Australia, Poland, Russia, Armenia, Lebanon, Iran and Syria. The purpose is the official recognition of Seyfo by considerable countries.

Once more a new era has been achieved. British Member Parliament Andrew George initiated a conference about Seyfo supported by Armenian institutions and Seyfo Centre. Thursday 24th April Sabri Atman and Sara Aziz will attend the conference and on behalf of Seyfo Centre they will give a speech there.

A few weeks ago, Angela Merkel, German Bondskanselier, went to Israel and ask forgiveness from the Jewish people in Hebrew. Sabri Atman asks the same of Tayip Erdogan; A speech in Assyrian to ask forgiveness from the Assyrian nation.