A new monstrous crime in Mosul against the Christian citizen Adnan (Sabah) Al-Dahan

Ankara.com. Mosul-Exclusive.
According to the information received last night from Mosul, the terrorists in Mosul committed a new heinous crime against the Christian citizen Adnan (Sabah) Al-Dahan just after few days since they abducted him.
  According to this information, the police contacted the victim’s family last night and informed them about the crime after they found the body of the victim in the region between Al-Baladiat and Al- Hadbaa neighborhoods, in Mosul.
  The victim was born in 1950 and has four children. He was abducted two years ago and was released for ransom money. He was a good man, known of his noble humanitarian attitudes, especially during the bombardment of Mar Yousif church in 1991 by the international coalition aircrafts. At that time, he provided shelters for dozens of victims