A memorial monument in Armenia for the Assyrian ‘Seyfo Genocide’

assyrian-genocide-memorial-011.jpgThis is the 93rd anniversary of the Ottoman genocidal killings of the Assyrians carried out in cooperation with many fundamentalist Kurdish tribes when more than half a million Assyrians lost their life. The peak of the genocide took place between 1914-1919, the years of the great tragedies and killings perpetuated against our peaceful people in their homeland, intended to wipe out our ethnic identity from the face of earth.

However our nation was able to endure through this tragedy with faith. Those who survived were forced to escape to other countries.

Some of the refugees reached Armenia which welcomed them in spite of its own difficulties. Since then Assyrians of Armenia have enjoyed civil liberties, and political rights and have been able to preserve their cultural rights.

The government of Armenia has expressed another good will towards the Assyrian by helping them to build a monument in the memory of half a million of their people who lost their life during the genocide perpetuated by the Ottoman state.

Since the state of Armenia decided eight months ago to erect a monument for the Assyrian martyrs, The city of Yerevan has granted us a (12 square meters) piece of land where we can build a memorial for our martyrs. The monument will be between 3 to 3,5 meters high. The approval came from the President of Armenia, Robert Kocharian, who also donated funds and gave for the Assyrians to help them celebrate the Assyrian New Year in Yerevan.

We thank the state of Armenia and the Armenian. We are thankful for the beautiful speeches that were given by the representative of the president and the representative of the minority concerning this issues, and we therefore ask our Assyrian people where ever they are, especially the artists and the engineers, to prepare drawings for the monument we have mentioned so that our martyrs will be remembered in the capital of Armenia.

We urge all willing to help to contact us as soon as possible.

Assyrian Association of Armenia
Assyrian International Seyfo Committee

For more information contact:
Website: www.furkono.com
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Mr.Arsen Mikhaylov
Assyrian association of Armenia “Atour”
E-mail: arsen_mikhaylov@yahoo.com

Source: http://www.christiansofiraq.com/monumentinarmenia.html