A Hole in the Foot affected the kidneys and caused unbearable pain

katreena-portrait.jpgThe little Katherine appeals the owners of good Hearts to host her during the treatment period.
Katherine is a 9-year-old girl from Iraq, member of a family consisted of 6 people. They are living in a complex of 350 units near Mosul, that has been built for the low- income families, who fled from Baghdad and other dangerous cities in Iraq.
She suffers from a big wind in her bottom left foot. The situation she suffers reached the bone and started to affect her kidneys according to several doctors who checked her reports from Sydney and Rome.
To diagnose the real damage to other part or her body, she will need some advance tests and examination which are not available in Iraq, also the treatment is not available as per the doctors recommendation whom seen her in Erbil.

How the disease began with Katherine?
When Katherine was 1 years old she has (Para Spinal Lipoma). One of the doctors who operated her was trying to remove it, but he accidentally cut one of her nerves which caused the bend in her foot. Later she had been injured with a piece of glass and led to a hole down in her ankle. She was operated several times to in order to fill the hole, but it didn’t succeed and so the injury grew till what it shown in her photos.
When an unpleasant smell was emitted from her foot, her parents understood that it needs further treatment. Due to the lack of health services in Iraq suitable for her case in Iraq, and because of the poor physical condition of her family, they couldn’t take her to the doctor for regular cleaning, so the pain was intensified.
The good hands were with Katrina in her plight. They offered and still offer the financial aid that she needs for treatment. Despite that doctors in a hospital in U.S.A didn’t fulfill their promises in treating her due “economic crisis”, we found another help from Dr. Leonie an Italian who lives in Rome and will follow up her treatment in Italy.


Invitation to host Katherine and her mother during the treatment period

After sending all reports of Katherine to Dr. Leonie, he immediately contacted the Italian Embassy in order to determine procedures for visa. He did not spare any effort in contacting other doctors to get approval for her treatment free of charge in hospital “St. Camillo” in Rome, and has promised to do this immediately after the return of another child currently in the hospital.

The remaining part of the problem is finding a suitable place for her to stay with her mother in Rome during the treatment period, which will extend from one to two months. The hands of goodness supported Katherine and covered her travel expenses and daily treatment.

Therefore we appeal to friends, and supporters of the girl child to help us if they know a charity or religious organizations to ensure that Catherine and her mother will find an appropriate shelter during the treatment period to contact any of the listed below, note that the condition of the Catherine cannot be delayed more than that as it might create of serious complications.

Contact in Europe:

Ghada Albandak in Athens e-mail: ghada2002gr@yahoo.com
Viayn Sawa in Holland e-mail: v.jubo@yahoo.com

In U.S.A.
Suzan Errayes. e-mail: rayessawsan@yahoo.com

In Australia
Ghassan Fatouhi in Melborne e-mail: ghassanfatoohi@yahoo.com.au
Amir Frety
Sydney – Australia
Tel: 61 – 2 – 9728 2191
Mob: 61-411656000