A body of Christian citizen was found in Kirkuk

Emad Matty
Ankawa.com – Kirkuk
A source authorized by the police of Kirkuk said that, a while ago, a body of Christian citizen was found near the College of Law within the area of Azad police station in central Kirkuk.
The source said to the site of Ankawa.com that the police found, a while ago, the body of the citizen Zia Emmanuel Nanno shot by two bullets in the head. The source added, Nanno was born in 1971 and he was a worker.
It should be mentioned that a new wave of targeting Christian people started in the city of Kirkuk since the beginning of Ramadan by bombing the Holy Family Church for Syriac Catholic and Mar Afram Church for Syriac Orthodox. The two blasts wounded several people and caused extensive material damages to the building of the two churches and the adjacent houses. In addition, two attempts were made to blow up two other churches in the city, the Assyrian Church of Mar Georges and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

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