Demonstrations and actions by our people around the Globe

103.jpgKamil Kunda -Melborne

Very tragic attacks took place lately against Iraqi Christians, who are known as indigenous people of Iraq (Mesopotamia).  The attacks which mainly took place in capital Baghdad and second biggest city in Iraq Mousel sparked a wave of condemnation and anger amongst whole community Muslims and Christians alike.  Everyone believes that the attacks are against Iraqis citizen before they are been against Iraqi Christians. 
The Christians in Iraq are known for their hardworking, honesty, peaceful attitude and their contribution in every field that helped Iraq to make its fast steps towards being a developed and educated country.  These people today are threatened by killing and removing their identity from Iraq.  The ancestors of Assyrian and Babylonian empires are facing a campaign that forces them to leave their homeland and country, while they should be treated with privileges as being the indigenous people of Iraq.

In response to this sad and harsh situation that our people facing in Iraq, and especially after attacking individuals and killing them due to resistance on converting to Islam.  And after attacking churches and killing priests and deacons, or kidnapping them, there was a huge response and anger from Iraqis living abroad

In many countries, people were called to go to the streets and show their anger and disbelieve.  Demonstration were organised in Sweden, Canada and France, and yet Australia and America to follow and might be other countries to take an action as well

All these demonstrations and gatherings are telling the world that we are existed and have the right to live with dignity, freedom and justice

In Sweden, all organisations and churches took more than one thousand person into streets and then to Swedish Parliament where songs were sang and speeches delivered.  Organisers shouted against the mistreatment of Christians in Iraq while the leaders delivered angry messages condemning all sort injustice that is happening to them.  Members of Swedish parliament were sharing our sadness and anger and delivered speeches asking their government to interfere and do something for the Iraqi Christians. 

In Canada the first demonstration attracted more than one thousand people who marched into streets with banners indicating that all people are equal and have the right to believe what they believe in.  Again leaders from churches and organisations of our people along with members of Canadian parliament were there supporting our people at home and demanding this tragic situation to come to a positive end.  The strongest speech by the one of the priest reminded Muslims how the Christian King sheltered their Prophet Muhammad in Ethiopia and saved him from his enemies. 

In France, a huge crowd that was estimated more than two thousands people were gathered in St. Thomas church.  Again speeches from all attendance were delivered and representative from French authorities were present and did ask their government for strong action. A mass was held and the church was full of worshipers who cried and prayed for the souls of the four Martyrs and all our Martyrs through our history that is painted by blood.

It was noticed in all demonstration the attendance of the authorities in mentioned countries, but yet not covered properly in the main media of these countries. The media should be more responsible in this issue and pay more attention to this sensitive and crucial issue facing one of the oldest nations in the world. 

More demonstrations are on the way, in Australia and America, as well as Canada for the second time. We are asking all friends and people around the globe to stand with Iraqi Christians in their horrible time.  What is happening to Iraqi Christians is not accepted by any religion or by anyone who holds real values in life.  It is sad, it is injustice. It is barbarian what is happening to Iraqi Christians especially we live in twenty first century.  We need your stand and help, God bless whoever works for peace in the world and specifically in Iraq.